Samar Abdelazim Ahmed

Associate Dean For Academic Affairs at Dubai Medical College for Girls

Professor Samar Ahmed, MSc, MD, JMHPE is the Director at Ain Shams Middle East North Africa FAIMER Regional Institute for Health Professions Education. Chair of the Centre of excellence in Forensic psychiatric research at Ainshams University. Professor in the department of forensic medicine and toxicology Ain Shams University. Certified UNESCO Trainer Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine. Director Quality assurance unit ASU-FOM. Global commercial adviser to Universities and medical schools.

It has been said by her peers that Professor Samar Ahmed has tremendous leadership and execution skills that enable her to lead people in integrated projects. She understands what it takes to deliver and supports people perform to their best ability. She has a well-developed capacity to communicate with different cultures and to establish partnerships for education development.

Professor Samar Ahmed dreams of a network of healthcare reformers working hand in hand defying natural and man-made boundaries.

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