2021 Speakers

The future belongs to those who are ready for it, so get ready to learn from the best speakers in the Arab world and expand your expertise into new areas of study.

Rana Dajani

Molecular Biologist & Tenured Professor of Biology and Biotechnology at Hashemite University

Nidhal Guessoum

Professor at American University of Sharjah

Bothina Osama

MENA Regional Co-ordinator at SciDev.Net

Abdullah Annan

Founder of shar3-EL3lom and named best content creator presents educational content by TikTok MENA in 2020

Hashem Al-Ghaili

Producer, filmmaker, science communicator, and the founder of Science Nature Page, which has +32 m followers

Layla Al-Musawi

Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive of Advancement of Sciences Publishing and Distribution Co. and Program Manager of Publicizing and Dissemination of Science and Technology (P3) Scientific Culture at Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences.

Jauad El Kharraz

Senior Water-Energy-Climate expert & R&D

Amal Amin

Associate Professor at National Research Center (Egypt) & Founder of Women In Science Without Borders Initiative

Mohamed Elsonbaty

Award-winning Science Journalist and Scicomm Consultant

Zeinab Ghosn

Head of the Regional Communication Centre (RCC) at International Committee of the Red Cross - ICRC

Dr. Alia Abu Kiwan

Researcher in Molecular Biology

Islam Hussein

Virologist, Founder of Virolvlog, and Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator at Microbiotix

Aref Husseini

Chairman of Al Nayzak

Abdulaziz Alhegelan

President of NAMES Network and Executive director of Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic and Renewable Energy

Rana A. Al-Nibari

General Manager of The Scientific Center Kuwait

Samya Ayish

Communication Manager at Arij and former Google News Lab Teaching Fellow

Rehab Abd Almohsen

Science Journalist

Sawsan Dalaq

Director of the Children's Museum Jordan

Ahmed Ibrahim Osman

Professor and Founder of 3elmTube

Shaimaa ElBanna

The Head of Science at British Council Egypt

Mohamed Soliman

Science Communication & Development Officer at AUC

Diala Ghassan

Communication Advisor at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Imad Aoun

Communications & Advocacy Advisor at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Ahmed Ibrahim Osman

Professor and Founder of 3elmTube

Hanan Dowidar

Head of Strategic Partnerships at 1001 Inventions

Maissa Azab

Executive Director, NAMES network

Fatiha Chara

Investigative Journalist at Algerian 1 Channel

Laila Ziko

Lecturer at University of Hertfordshire

Massa Mufti

Educational Expert - Chair and Founder of NGO Sonbola

Hanan Kiswany

Assistant Professor at Faculty of Media, University of Petra, and Investigative Journalist at Al Ghad newspaper

Nehal Lasheen

Assistant Editor for SciDev.Net for the Middle East and North Africa Edition

Adel Aldaghbashy

SciDev.Net reporter from Yemen

NaJah Shana

Jordanian journalist

Ayman Elsayed

Head of Educational Programs, Planetarium Science Center at Bibliotheca Alexanderia

Riad Mazouzi

Reporter at SciDev.Net Middle East and North Africa Version

Mouttasem Albarodi

Science media officer at Children's Cancer Hospital Foundation 57357

Faris Bukhamsin

Co-founder of Scientific Saudi

Ola Al-Ghazawy

Founder of Planet X

Noha Atef

Media Researcher at Simon Fraser University, Canada

Mohammed Yahia

Executive Editor at Nature Portfolio

Dalia Abdel-Salam

Editor in Chief Arabic Edition of Scientific American

Sahar Abdelwahab

Lecturer at Al-Azhar University in Egypt, specialized in Sustainable Building Design and Building Performance

Mostafa Ali Abu Moslim

Audience Engagement Editor at Springer Nature

Emad Saad

Environmental Advisor for the Environment Friends Society, Abu Dhabi

Omar AL-Hayani

Science Journalist

Mohamed Elhawary

Managing editor at AL-Masry Al-Youm newspaper

Qusai Meklad

Project Manager at Haykal Media and manager of Popular Science Arabia

Mai Elsayed

Editor at Popular Science Arabia

Prof. Yasser M. Shabana

Professor of Plant Pathology at University of Florida

Mohamed Ramadan A. Rezk

Director of Egyptian Science , Technology and Innovation Observatory (ESTIO) at Academy of scientific research and technology, ASRT

Ahmed ElSheikh

Mechanical Engineering Lecturer - South Valley University

Mona Yassin

Communication at World Health Organization

Pakinam A.

Senior Writer, Emmy-winning interactive documentary MoonDisaster.Org at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Perihan Shafie

Program Manager at British Council

Youssef Ait Ouarssas

Head of Space Curiosities

Mohamed Mahgoub Hussien

Executive Director of Young Innovators

Ahmed Hassan Balah

Senior Editor of Scientific American Arabic Edition

Taha Darwish

Managing Editor of the Jordanian Media Credibility Monitor “AKEED”

Assala Lamaa Mallak

phD Student in Molecular Cancer biology

Eman Elsyaed

Digital Content Manager of Popular Science Arabia

Latifa El Ghazal


Najwa Khouri Boulos

Professor of Infectious Diseases and Children at Faculty of Medicine - Jordan University

Mohammad Hajjiri

Cardiology Specialist in Mansfield, OH

Magdy said

Online science editor of Aljazeera.net

Alsaad Al Menhali

Editor-in-chief of National Geographic Al Arabiya

Anoud Al-Zou'bi

Co-Founder at Nabd Community for Media & Information Literacy

Nadia El Bilbesi

Head of Washington DC Office

Eithar Alazzam

Science Journalist