Noha Atef

Research Fellow

Noha Atef is a media researcher, educator and former journalist. She holds a Ph.D. in Media from Birmingham City University, where she conducted empirical qualitative research on the interaction between citizen media and mainstream media in Egypt. Her research interests also include social media, journalism, and digital activism.

Noha has extensive experience as a research assistant at the Birmingham Centre for Media and Culture (UK), and Scholarly Communication Lat at Simon Fraser University (Canada). She has also taught several modules in higher education, including Advanced News Reporting, News & Its Sources, Drama on Radio & Television, Documentary Films, and Film & Television Writing.

Atef has offered many consultancies to regional organizations in the Arab and Mediterranean regions working on journalism, hate speech, misinformation and migration. Atef’s most recent research focused on Egyptian physicians who are at the same time social media influencers.

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