Mohamed Elhawary

Editor in Chief at Al-Fanar Media

Mohamed El-Hawary is editor-in-chief of Al-Fanar Media (UK). He leads a professional editorial team to produce high-quality content covering higher education and scientific research in the Arab world, in both Arabic and English.

He is a member of the Arab Science Journalists Association, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Center for International Media and Cultural Communication, at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University. With his 20+ years career in the field of media, El-Hawary managed integrated newsrooms, and established special units to produce digital content, whether television and multimedia production, or podcasts, in addition to establishing special websites such as Al-Masry Lite, in Al-Masry Al-Youm Corporate, where he worked as the managing editor. El-Hawary also worked as an editor-in-chief and editor-on-duty of a number of talk shows on Egyptian and Arab TV stations.

In addition to his efforts as an expert in developing and managing digital content, El-Hawary provides special training consultations in the field of digital and TV media to a number of regional and international media and training institutions, and to the Journalists Syndicate in Egypt. He also gives lectures to students of the Master’s in Television Production at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University.

He Also is a communication consultant in a number of international projects that were implemented in Egypt, and developed communication plans and strategies for a number of international organizations, within the framework of those projects, and ending with his contributions in the field of image industry and image management consultations for institutions and public figures, and the media awareness training he provided. For scientists, researchers and executives of institutions and companies. El-Hawary’s overlapping experiences have made him an expert with diverse backgrounds who has the ability to connect institutions, individuals, content, general and special audiences with extreme professionalism, especially with regard to the content of higher education and scientific research.

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