2022 Speakers

The future belongs to those who are ready for it, so get ready to learn from the best speakers in the Arab world and expand your expertise into new areas of study.

Ali Al-Bahrani

Scientific Software Engineer

Mohamed Elsonbaty

Award-winning Science Journalist and Scicomm Consultant

Bothina Osama

MENA Regional Co-ordinator at SciDev.Net

Hassan Taheri

Media Coordinator of the City of Science in Tunisia

Hadeer El-hadary

A Freelance Egyptian Journalist

Dalia Abdel-Salam

Chief Editor of Scientific American Arabic Edition

Alkhaleel Alsherief

دكتور/باحث بجامعة لشبونة، معهد التكنولوجيا للروبوتات/إعلامي وصحفي سابقا في المغرب/ماستر في الدبلوماسية البيئية من إيطابيا/

Rahma Diaa

Egyptian Journalist & Trainer, Founder of Climate School initiative

Mahmoud Khawaja

Writer and Producer at Sowt Podcasts

Mohamad Farzat AL Chayah


Rasha Ahmed

Regional Communications Manager at Doctors without Borders

Ahmad Ashour

Investigative Journalist/ Investigative Editor and Fact Checker/Coach. ARIJ

Rehab Abd Almohsen

Science Journalist

سجى مرتضى

مديرة الشبكة العربية لمدققي المعلومات (AFCN) من أريج

Ghassan Benchiheb

Digital Entrepreneur

Shaimaa ElBanna

The Head of Science at British Council Egypt

Mohamed Khafagy

Dean of Faculty of Computers and Information, Fayoum University

Lamiaa Nail

Education Manager & Senior Learning Design Specialist at San3a Tech

Dina Ibrahim

Project Manager of Akhbar Meter

Ahmad Primo

Executive Director

عبدالله المسعودي

مدير فريق التقصي

Omar Fares

Podcast Producer

Salah Nasr

General Director of Monastir Science Palace

Dina Aboughazala

Founder & CEO of Egab

Samir Tantawi

Ph.D National Representative to the Climate Change Expert Group (CCEG) of UfM and Project Manager of Egypt's Fourth National Communication to UNFCCC.

Mohammed Tafraouti

Head of Environmental Horizons Center for Media and Sustainable Development

Aliaa Hamed

Chief editor of Nature Arabic edition

Abdulaziz Alhegelan

President of NAMES Network and Executive director of Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic and Renewable Energy

Sawsan Dalaq

Director of the Children's Museum Jordan

Ahmad Gamal Saad-Eddin

Writer and Science Editor at Nature ArabicEdition/ Writer and Fact Checker at El. Da7ee7

Nidhal Guessoum

Professor at American University of Sharjah

Ayman Elsayed

Director of the Planetarium Science Center, Library of Alexandria

Maissa Azab

Executive Director, NAMES network

Dr. Alia Abu Kiwan

Researcher in Molecular Biology

Islam Hussein

Virologist, Founder of Virolvlog, and Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator at Microbiotix

Nehal Lasheen

Assistant Editor for SciDev.Net for the Middle East and North Africa Edition

Mohamed Hamed Darwish

Translation Reviewer at Hindawi Foundation for Education and Culture

Ashraf Amin

Head of the Science & Technology Department in Al-Ahram

Shadi Abdelhafez


Ahmed Hassan Balah

Senior Editor of Scientific American Arabic Edition

marwan anwer shweiki

خبير البرامج التعليمية للقباب الفلكية

Hossam Bayoumi

Hindawi Foundation Editorial Program Manager

Sarah Yakout

Senior Translator at Hindawi Foundation for Education and Culture

Mohamed Elgendy

Translation Manager

Magdy said

Online science editor of Aljazeera.net

Rehab Saad El Domiati

Senior Director of Media Relations and University spokesperson at The American University in Cairo (AUC)

Serein Ben Saad

Trainer/ Consultant

Sarah Taha Allam

Senior Translator at Hindawi Foundation for Education and Culture

Mohamed Elhawary

Editor in chief at Al-Fanar Media

Amr Noureldin

Freelance Translator/ Acquisition Editing Team Leader at Hindawi Foundation for Education and Culture