AFSMC24 Draft Agenda is here!

Media Ranking for Research

Research is booming in the Arab region, with a total growth rate of 120% in the published research from the Arab Region in the past 3 years. As a result, Arab institutions show an increasing interest in research communication, reaching a broader audience to raise awareness, developing partnerships, and supporting policymakers in evidence-based decision-making. In this session, we will share our latest report highlighting the top universities in UAE and Saudi Arabia in media ranking for research in 2023, How they achieved that, and what we can learn from their strategies.

Research Engagement Strategies: Discussions with Academic VPs of Research

In this session, we’ll deep dive into the communication landscape surrounding UAE research. We’ll analyze and highlight how the leading UAE universities plan, strategize, and prioritize their research engagement, exposure, global media mentions, and recognition within their Research Strategies. Our panelists will highlight the opportunities they see, the challenges they face as Academic Organizations in dealing with media and communicators, and the relevance of the communication to the research impact.

Collaborative Success Stories Between Researchers and Science Communicators

Researchers and science communicators collide in this panel, sharing tales of powerful partnerships that brought complex research to life. We’ll explore how this dynamic duo can shake things up in knowledge creation and sharing and learn practical strategies to translate complex research into engaging content that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

Research Engagement Think Tank: Academia Perspective

In the first session of the Research Engagement Think Tank, we will listen to the research community. Academics and researchers will take the stage, sharing their perspectives on science communication. We will discuss their concerns, identify potential areas of collaboration, and discover ways to make research accessible and impactful for a wider audience.

Research Engagement Think Tank: Practioners Perspective

In the second session of the Research Engagement Think Tank, we will listen to the practitioners’ community. Seasoned science communicators and journalists will take the stage, sharing their real-world experiences in finding the right balance between accuracy and simplicity, the challenges and opportunities they encounter between academia and public engagement, and their insights on effective strategies, engaging channels, and audience engagement approaches.

Research Engagement Think Tank: Co-Creating Research Engagement

In the final session of the Research Engagement Think Tank, we will co-create the future. Following the insightful panels, this interactive session brings together all perspectives – academia, practitioners, and beyond- to co-create research engament to develop actionable strategies, recommendations, and resources to foster a more productive and impactful relationship between research and communication.

UK Alumni: Real Stories, Real Impact

This panel takes you on a journey showcasing the UK’s strengths in science, research, innovation, and science communication. See how UK alumni have translated their degrees into impactful careers, and learn how you can join them.

Masterclass: Generative AI for Communicating Science

In today’s rapidly evolving world, using GenAI is not a question anymore. This masterclass offers science communicators a transformative journey into the world of GenAI, a groundbreaking tool with immense potential in the realm of science communication. Through this masterclass, participants will learn how to guide GenAI to produce the desired outputs and tailor its responses, ensuring the AI conveys scientific information in a precise, accurate, and engaging manner, with a focus on the craft of prompt engineering and patterns. By the end of the workshop, the participants will be equipped with a new set of tools and techniques to revolutionize their way communicating science through Artificial Intelligence.