Sima A.Hamadeh

Associate Professor- Head of Program (Public Health Nutrition & Dietetics) at Haigazian University-HU

Dr. Sima Hamadeh is an Associate Professor of Public Health Nutrition and the Program Coordinator of Nutrition and Dietetic Sciences at Haigazian University-HU, and a senior lecturer in the Nutrition Master’s programs at Saint Joseph University-USJ in Lebanon. She received her Master’s degree in Community Nutrition and Ph.D. in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Montreal-Canada.

Her M.Sc. work was awarded the “Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence” in 2009. Her Ph.D. work was honored by Canadian experts in 2013 and awarded the “Prix d’Excellence Scientifique Franco- Libanais” from the Société des Membres de la Légion d’Honneur au Liban & the French Embassy in Lebanon in 2015.
Her outstanding postdoctoral studies on “Science Journalism” at Northwestern University were notably considered by TED conferences team in US and TEDinArabic team to join them as a science curator.

Dr. Hamadeh’s main research interest deals with public health nutrition matters and science journalism such as public health promotion, food systems and sustainability; nutrition in media and communication, digital food and sports marketing, digital and media health literacy, nutrition economics and consumerism, nutrition psychology, and their related policies. She published several papers exploring these topics from different perspectives, and she designed various significant comprehensive theoretical frameworks to consolidate her research work.

Dr. Hamadeh works closely with different national and international ministries and organizations on projects, seminars, research, and community programs. She has provided many talks and keynote speeches in national and international scientific congresses. She was honored and awarded special prizes for her outstanding papers/projects in Europe, Canada, Gulf countries and in Lebanon. She is also a member of several executive international scientific committees and associations, and a reviewer for distinguished scientific peer-reviewed journals and for health short movies applications to the annual American Public Health Association conference.

Most recently, Dr. Hamadeh joined the new “Mentoring Program in Communication and Marketing” and the “Reviewer committee for the National Physical Education Standards” of the Society of Health & Physical Educators- USA. She was also appointed as a mentor in the American Public health Association for health promotion, communication, and policies. Finally, in June 23 she was selected by TUFTS university as an expert panelist to engage in the consensus building process of their “Leading A Sustainability Transition In Nutrition Globally-LASTING” project.

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