Rahaf Ajaj

Assistant Professor of Environmental Health and Safety at Abu Dhabi University

Dr. Rahaf Ajaj is a highly accomplished assistant professor at Abu Dhabi University’s College of Health Sciences. Dr. Ajaj is also a passionate advocate for renewable energy, serving as the leader of the Women in Renewable Energy Canada chapter in the UAE. In addition to her academic and advocacy work, Dr. Ajaj is a respected expert in her field, serving as the cluster leader for climate change and public health at the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

Her expertise in environmental radiation, occupational and environmental health, safety, and radiation protection make her an invaluable asset to the Ministry. Dr. Ajaj’s work has been recognized internationally, as she has delivered numerous plenaries and invited presentations at conferences worldwide. She has also gained a wealth of experience working for both a petroleum council and a nuclear authority, where she honed her skills in managing environmental, health, and safety issues, as well as inspection and regulation.

Overall, Dr. Rahaf Ajaj is a dedicated and accomplished environmental scientist who is committed to making a positive impact on the world through her work in renewable energy, public health, and environmental protection.

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