Hadeer Elhadary

Freelance science journalist

Hadeer Elhadary is an Egyptian science journalist with a keen interest in writing environmental stories, specifically focusing on biodiversity, sustainability, and climate change. Additionally, she is the founder of the “Climate Story” initiative, which aims to simplify scientific studies related to climate change and connect them with human stories to provide easily understandable content.

She has received fellowships on climate change and biodiversity from the Metcalf Institute at Rhode Island University in the United States, the Society of Environmental Journalists in the United States, the Climate Tracker organization, the Free Press Unlimited organization, the French media development agency “CFI,” the Goethe-Institute, Africa21, the German Foreign Ministry, and the “Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue,” as well as the Oxford Climate Journalism Network.

Furthermore, she has been honored with seven awards for various climate change stories. These awards were granted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Africa 21 organization, the Egyptian Syndicate, Plan International organization and the Ministry of Social Solidarity, the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, as well as CFI (the French media development agency) and the German embassy.

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